Methods To Revive Your Sex Life

Very likely, nobody would argue that sex and making love is a vital and integral part of a marriage or long-term relationship. Professional call girl or call girls can help and give new, fresh air in your relationship.

But over time, what do you do when one or both parties just simply seem to lose interest? Presumably the interest and desire was there at one point, or if not, the marriage or relationship never would have gotten started in the first place.

To give an example of the importance of sex, studies clearly show that after the subject of money, sex is the number one reason for divorces. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Marriage and a long-lasting long-term relationship involves compromise and understanding, and one of the things that you need to understand right upfront is that your partner may have a different level of sex drive than you do.

Maybe you are proud of the fact that you could have sex with your partner every other hour on a 24×7 basis. But does your partner have that same level of sex drive? If not, you need to respect that and work out a solution.

If your partner only has sex with you to accommodate you, aren’t you really depriving them of the true enjoyment of sex? True, it’s great if they are willing to accommodate your rabbit habits, but how much respect do you really have for them if they are doing that only to “accommodate” you, instead of really wanting sex as much as you do?

There is the story of the college students who was shopping for condoms at the drug store and noticed three boxes of 12 condoms each, but each had a different colour on the box, so he asked his dad about it.

His dad told him that the red box was for newly-weds and was a 4 day supply, the orange box was for college students and was a 3 week supply, and the blue box was for long-time married couples and was a 1 year supply.

The college student was obviously confused by this explanation since each box still only had 12 condoms, so his dad explained further:

  • For newly-weds, it was a 4 day supply because morning, noon, and night for 4 days.
  • For college students, it was 2 condoms on Friday and Saturday night for 3 weeks.
  • For long-time married couples, it was a 1 year supply for January, February, March…

Perhaps the problem with your sex life is that it has become routine. Boredom is your basic industrial-strength level sex dampener. Maybe your partner doesn’t read a magazine while you are having sex, or yawning and saying “wake me up when you’re done”, but if your sex life with your partner is not nearly as steamy as it used to be, perhaps it is time to spice things up a bit and return to those steamy days.

To spice things up, get creative and try some new things. If your love making has always happened in the master bedroom, find a new location, like maybe the living room sofa. Get a hotel room at a nice hotel for a night or a weekend and focus on each other.

Maybe some sexy lingerie would do the trick

Light some candles, turn the lights down low, put on some soft music in the background, and drop hints during the day that you have something special planned for your partner. The key here is to create a sense of anticipation, to get out of the “routine” and to rekindle the Mc Steamy that you know lives within your partner, and some of these variations can help you get out of your “sexual rut“.

Have you considered “sex toys”? No, these are not things that are only found in porn magazines, but then again, they are not found near the cashier at Walmart either. Sex toys are not kinky, they are not disgusting, and they really do have a valid place in helping couples rekindle the sexual flames they once produced.

Maybe you are embarrassed to be seen in a local “sex shop with all the perverts” for fear of being seen by a friend or neighbour – that’s fine, then you can do your sex toy shopping online in complete confidence and total anonymity in the privacy of your computer.

There is a wide variety of sexual aids available at very reasonable cost, and one or more of them may be just the ticket to bring your partner’s sex drive back up to the levels that you remember so fondly.

If you desire to re-light your own sexual fires as well as those of your partner, give some of these strategies a try. You may be very pleasantly surprised at the results you find.

On the other hand, if you want to learn new sex tips you can also visit a call girl or call girls.


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