PARIS — Betting on one of the hottest high-end strips in Paris, historic Belgium leather goods house Delvaux has planted its flag on Rue Saint-Honoré, opening a temporary spot with an eye to a permanent store in the same space.
The themed set-up draws inspiration from René Magritte, with a series of partly open doorways, bright blue, cloud-dotted skies, and floating cutouts of suited men in bowler hats.
“We thought it was interesting to start with a strong presentation of the Magritte collection in this location — it’s attractive, it’s surprising, but it’s also credible,” said Delvaux’s chief executive officer Jean-Marc Loubier.
The firm has a long-standing partnership with the Magritte Foundation; nods to the Belgian artist extend to the merchandise with a handbag inscribed “Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux,” which translates to “This is not a Delvaux,” and card holders with bowler hat images.
Lifting a light-blue bag from the Brilliant line, artistic director Christina Zeller explained that the brand likes to sprinkle in a bit of humor into its high-quality leather goods offer, which includes a unisex selection of computer cases, wallets and overnight bags.
“We have been extremely, extremely careful with this bag because it’s a strong signature — we didn’t want

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